A Time for Family and Friends

It’s been a while since our last post for sure! After making our way through Atlanta, Tennessee, Kentucky and a service stop at the Newmar factory, we landed back in Michigan. It was time to slow down and get back to what  is truly  important, family and friends. Getting hugs from our kids, seeing the smiles of our grandchildren, and the warm greetings from good friends, reminds us of where home truly is!

The challenge of visiting our former home state is finding close accommodations large enough to accommodate our 44′ length.  As luck would have it a new RV park just opened    and even though construction was still going on we were able to secure a beautiful spot on the Grand River.2017 July Steamboat Park_07 27 17_1809

The parks name is Steamboat RV Park. Appropriately named because of the “Grand Lady”, a replica of a river sternwheeler. Most evenings she departs for a leisurely cruise down river making her way for ten miles before turning about for the return trip up stream.2017 July Steamboat Park_07 27 17_1882

…And all the while being entertained by a great blue grass band!2017 July Grand Lady Steamboat_07 29 17_1892

2017 July Grand Lady Steamboat_07 29 17_1972

Capt. Bill keeping a watchful eye and he maneuvers The Grand Lady!

For two months we were able to enjoy this serene place in the midst of urban Grand Rapids. How grateful we are for the opportunity to share this part of our lives with our good friends and family. If there is a down side to our life style it would be leaving those so near and dear to our hearts. We are truly blessed!

Recharged! It’s time to get back on the road to see more of this beautiful country! For our friends we leave behind we say farewell for now. For our family,  there’s no good bye. Just know how much you are loved. We’ll be back!2017 July Steamboat RV Park_07 22 17_1785_edited-1

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