Tombstone: Too tuff to die!

A little more than 40 miles north of the Mexican border is the town of Tombstone. The town they say is too tuff to die!

Wyatt, Virgil & Morgan Erp along with Doc Holiday, Ike Clanton ,and the infamous red sashed “Cowboys” once walked these streets.

Movies and television have played and re-played Hollywood’s version of the famous gun fight at the OK Corral. Walk in to any of the area gift shops and you’ll find a vast array of books on the subject or the life of Wyatt Erp. But there’s a big difference between the legend and fact. But hey! Let’s not ruin a good story with facts!

Today Tombstone is alive and well as a popular tourist stop. Gift shops, tee shirts shops, saloons serving food now occupy most of the town. You can watch a reenactment, ride in a stage coach, cozy up to a bar for a beer, or get caught up in the moment with your own …….


A Time To Reflect

Another year has come and gone. Tradition it seems, is to look back and reflect on time gone by. Politics, war, natural disasters, and senseless hate has dominated the news.

But the sun rises on a new year with hope. Hope that the wars will end, the hate will stop, our leaders will be wise, and our planet survives.

As we reflect, we’re filled with gratitude. We’re thankful for our wonderful family, the opportunity to travel this great county, and for the many friends we have met along the way.

So with hope and love in our hearts, to our family and friends, to all who follow our travels, we wish you all that is good in the coming year!