Living on a 43′ motor coach. It’s certainly not for everybody. There is limited space for all the “stuff” that you think you need and then you find yourself re-arranging so you can find room for the “stuff” you REALLY need! And unlike your typical house there is a weight restriction that also has to take in consideration fuel and water as well as the vehicle we tow. And speaking of towing, total length of our coach and car is 65 ft. We take up a lot of space going down the road.

We do have all the comforts of home like washer & dryer, residential refrigerator, 42″TV, cable, satellite, heated tile floors and ACs that will cool the hottest of days, king size bed, a full bath and a half bath. And its all squeezed in to 450 Sq Ft.

Campers? Not really! More like ….to quote my grand daughter….”Driving House”