The Mighty Tetons by way of Yellowstone

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Teton Mountain Range

As fate would have it, our Ford Focus was victim of a recall. So after a visit to the dealer in Cody Wyoming to determine that we needed the repair, we waited for parts to be shipped from Florida…..during the hurricane! This was going to take awhile! Not exactly what we had planned but if we have to be detained this is the place to be. So our one week stay has turned into a month.

We have no hesitation about jumping in the car and driving long distances to explore and see the sights. From where our coach is parked (33 miles from the East entrance of Yellowstone)  most day trips here are 200 miles plus round trip.  And since we have the time,  more trips to Yellowstone and the Teton Mts. are on the agenda. The only problem with this plan…… it’s late September and winter arrives here very early!!

This part of the country is a photographers dream and Susan was giving her shutter finger a tremendous amount of exercise!

So without further ado, enjoy the show!

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Incredible Yellowstone!

It’s hard to describe because “beautiful” just doesn’t seem to cover it. Ask any number of people who have been there and you’ll hear “Awesome!”, “Breath taking!” “Incredible!”, Unbelievable!”, “Really Really Big!” All so true!

Yellowstone is our oldest and eighth largest National Park. It encompasses over 3400 square miles and over 2 million acres. Mountain ranges, valleys, lakes, geysers, forests, water falls, wildlife, here for the wonderment of all!

I could go on and on about Yellowstone but I’ll let the pictures tell the story!

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