“Let’s go to Luckenbach, Texas With Waylon and Willie and the boys”

2018 March Seed Farm & Luckenbach, TX_03 30 18_5856_edited-1

Yup,that’s a beer hanging from the mic stand!

If you know the song, you know Luckenbach Texas is a hub for country music, good food, and layed back friendly folks!

Luckenbach , population 3, is actually a ghost town that was purchased by 3 investors hence the “Population 3”.  There’s a dance hall, post office/general store, food shacks, a hat store (more like shed) and an outdoor stage. Well known country recording stars have performed here and there is an ongoing venue of country and bluegrass entertainment.2018 March Seed Farm & Luckenbach, TX_03 30 18_5838_edited-1

So what do you do here? You sit back with a barbeque beef sandwich, a beer, and enjoy an improve jam session or a scheduled performance. It’s just an old fashioned good time!

You know you’re in country hog heaven when the local rooster sits on the bar and up stages the musicians!!

And for the record, the musicians who were jamming during our visit ..WERE AWESOME!!

The Texas White House

FF160158-155D-451F-6709398755064794HiResProxyLocated just outside of Johnson city, and in the heart of the Texas hill country, is the homestead and ranch of our 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson.FF0B4268-155D-451F-6765EC2EE1CC9BF0HiResProxyNovember 22, 1963. The kitchen staff at the Johnson Ranch busily prepared for the arrival of  President & Mrs. John F. Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connolly who were scheduled to be guests at the Johnson Ranch that evening. Several loafs of fresh baked bread and pecan pies had come from the oven when over the television  came the report that President Kennedy had been shot. The news of his death was later delivered by a Secrete Service Agent who said: “You are now working in the kitchen of the President of the United States.”

What happened to America that day?  Years later, we’re still looking for answers.

After he left office, the President and Mrs. Johnson made a proclamation that upon their passing, their property would be donated to the National Park Service with the condition that it remain a working ranch.

2000 acres is plenty of room for cattle to free range . Driving about, it’s not uncommon to stop and wait as the huge Herefords meander across the road, or see a nursing calf, or baby goats playing like children.

A 6000′ runway allowed small aircraft including this small jet to ferry cabinet members and military officials from Washington and the Johnson Ranch. This plane, now on permanent display, was always fueled and could be airborne within 20 minutes.  fullsizeoutput_51Inside the house is the office where President Johnson conducted the business of the nation. I have to say that it was pretty humbling standing in the same room where so many leaders of our country once stood. 27 phone lines, 3 tv’s in just about every room, (to watch news on the three networks) a communications center, Secret Service housing, and an aircraft hanger complete with movie theater!  A pretty amazing place!FF3DD4DB-155D-451F-6777561A1D6B066EHiResProxyJohnson enjoyed cars and had a new Lincoln Continental (equipped with all terrain tires!) every year. He also had a rare Amphicar along with an antique 1940 Roadster equipped for hunting. Next to the gun rack was the wet bar!!2018 March LBJ Ranch_03 26 18_5778_edited-1At age 63, President Johnson passed away and was buried in the family’s plot. His marker  is the second from the right next to his wife who died in 2007 at the age of 94.2018 March LBJ Ranch_03 26 18_5720_edited-1The state purchased the property across the Pedernales River which was settled in the mid 1800s. It too is a working farm reflecting life as it was. The staff make lye soap, grow and can vegetables, raise and sheer sheep, butcher swine, raise chickens, smoke meat and make sausage. The real deal!

We thought visiting here was going to be a couple hours. It turned out to be a full afternoon. Both interesting and educational.