“Let’s go to Luckenbach, Texas With Waylon and Willie and the boys”

2018 March Seed Farm & Luckenbach, TX_03 30 18_5856_edited-1

Yup,that’s a beer hanging from the mic stand!

If you know the song, you know Luckenbach Texas is a hub for country music, good food, and layed back friendly folks!

Luckenbach , population 3, is actually a ghost town that was purchased by 3 investors hence the “Population 3”.  There’s a dance hall, post office/general store, food shacks, a hat store (more like shed) and an outdoor stage. Well known country recording stars have performed here and there is an ongoing venue of country and bluegrass entertainment.2018 March Seed Farm & Luckenbach, TX_03 30 18_5838_edited-1

So what do you do here? You sit back with a barbeque beef sandwich, a beer, and enjoy an improve jam session or a scheduled performance. It’s just an old fashioned good time!

You know you’re in country hog heaven when the local rooster sits on the bar and up stages the musicians!!

And for the record, the musicians who were jamming during our visit ..WERE AWESOME!!

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