Where Did Summer Go?

In the blink of and eye, our summer in Michigan has again come and gone. It seems as we age, seasons go by with increasing frequency. Such is life and why we’re grateful for the time we spend with family and friends.

And speaking of passing time, this summer we celebrated twenty five years together. I can’t imagine my life without my Susan by my side. And the fact that she has put up with me all these years is truly amazing!

25 and counting

You can’t have a celebration without family Right? So celebrate we did!!

No Susan? Well someone had to take the picture!

As long as we’re talking about celebrations, this summer again was the scene of the second annual “Cousins Crew” RV get-a -way. It’s our way of celebrating all four grand kids birthdays at once. So off we go to their favorite RV park for two days of constant entertainment!

Keeping the celebrating going was the birthday of my beautiful daughter Alisha. (Not to worry honey, I won’t say how many!)

Michigan has many beautiful areas to visit and after living there for forty plus years I figure we have pretty much seen it all. Not so!

It was a pleasure to re-connect with our friends Jo and JoAnn who are past workmates (Susan’s) and residents of Grand Haven. We were treated to and afternoon of great conversation in the midsts of their landscaping that is just stunning!

Joe is a long time Harley guy so its only appropriate that the garden has a gargoyle biker!

Mother Nature decided to send one of her lighting bolts down to their back yard which claimed one of the trees. Not to be outdone, they hired an artisan to transform what could have been a stack of firewood to a beautiful sculpture!

Well done you two.!……And thanks for having us!

Last but not least is our RV park buddy “Duke” He’s sixty pounds of happiness that has taken a liking to us. No matter where we are in the park, he comes running…….Some times soaking wet! See you next year Duke!

So ends our summer of 2019 and once again we make our way west. It’s always bitter sweet. This marks our fourth year of traveling this extraordinary country. There is Excitement for the journey that lays ahead, sadness as we say our good-byes.