All good things…..

must come to an end. And so it is with our beautiful Dutch Star motorcoach. After five wonderful years of traveling this great country, we decided that now is the time to let her go. A hard decision indeed as it has been and absolute joy to own.

It has taken us on an incredible journey, a dream we had as the time for our retirement drew closer. It has given us the opportunity to meet a diverse number of people, some of which have become close lifelong friends all across the country. Through this forum, it enabled us to touch the lives vicariously to a number of followers in several countries. To all who have followed, for all the wonderful comments, our sincere thank you.

We’re often asked what our favorite part of the country was or our favorite RV park to stay at . The short answer is there isn’t one. That’s because there’s so many. Each state has its pluses and minuses. Some more than others. The great thing about the RV lifestyle is that if we don’t like the scenery, we start it up and leave. There were a few of those places along the way!

We fell in love with the mountains as well as the desert SW. I recall our first trip where the two of us were in constant awe at our first sight of the mountainous scenery. “Oh my God, look at that”, or, ” look! look ! That’s awesome!” Our visual senses were in constant amazement. Or our first experience crossing the great plains and being able to see for miles and miles of what seemed to be an ocean of tall grass blowing in the wind. Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, S. Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico. Take your pick.

I know our friends in Texas will read this and be saying “Ahhh..Hello! You forgot to mention Texas!” We love Texas too! Especially the hill country!

When you’ve grown up in the city your idea of wildlife is the squirrel stealing seeds from your bird feeder! On one particular trip, Susan was on a mission to count wildlife. To be more specific, antelope. After all, the sign said there were going to be some the next 20 miles. In the four hundred or so miles, she lost count after 175 and 1 owl.

Cattle are everywhere. (not exactly wildlife!) We were parked close to a rancher who proclaimed they had fifteen hundred head of cattle. Being inquisitive, I asked ” How can you possibly count so many cows?” He responded “Oh easy! We just count the legs and divide by four!”

So once again we’ll turn or lives upside down and totally get out of our comfort zone. We’ll head in a different direction and create a new normal. Change becomes more difficult as we age and maybe a little more for Susan than me. She’s always said I’m a free spirit and blowing in the wind. It’s true. But even for me this decision did not come easy.

We’ll continue to travel, just differently. We’ve only scratched the surface of what this country has to offer. As long as we have our health, and the desire, we’ll keep going. There is a plan ….but we’re not there yet.

Our sincere “Thank You” to Newmar for exemplary service and building and outstanding product. There will be a flutter in our hearts and most likely a tear in our eye as we drive away for the final time and leave our wonderful home on wheels. Or as our granddaughter calls it, “the driving house.”

And so it begins once more………..fade to black…