Where the heck are you guys??

It seems we’re lost, MIA, AWAL!  Well, not really. We’ve been quiet for a while because we decided to put on the brakes and enjoy  winter in the Texas hills. Since early January we’ve been in the small town of Kerrville at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort smack dab in the middle of Texas hill county. This park thus far is by far our favorite with its beautiful grounds and friendly staff.



The view in front of our coach

We’ve been traveling now for seven months and have enjoyed so many great places and have seen so many beautiful sights. We’ve met and made friends with people from all over the country traveling as we are. Staying a week or two here and there, moving on, and doing it over again, we found ourselves getting worn out! And then throw in a trip back to Michigan to be with our family for the holidays, it was time to stop and relax!

The hill country is beautiful in its own right with it’s winding hilly roads and ranches that go on for miles. There are water foul, horses, deer, cattle, goats, sheep and even zebra (No! I’m not kidding!) ostrich, gazelle and other exotic animals.

The Guadalupe River winds its way through deep canyons and under canopies of trees forming an arch from shore to shore. It ranges from wide and deep to just a narrow stream.

The weather here has been fabulous with temps in the sixties and seventies with a few mid eighties thrown in here and there! This is our idea of winter. We’re told however August is a few degrees hotter that hell!!

Everything in Texas is big….Including the rain!! Weather systems originating in the Gulf dump rain at incredible rates resulting in flash flooding. Roads in low areas are quickly flooded in rushing water.


We often look for places that are off the beaten path and are local favorites. Bill’s Barbecue was such a place. What it lacked in ambiance it made up for in “to die for” beef brisket! The home-made potato salad and cole slaw was fabulous as well!


Bill’s Barbecue


Sooooo good!!!

Back in the 1800, the US Cavalry thought it might be a good idea to import camels to ride in order to fight the Indians. Camp Verdi was the sight of that failed experiment. The General Store still exists and has been restored to include a popular restaurant.

So! Lets be clear! Our idea hiking is, for the most part, a leisurly stroll arond the RV park! So when the park ranger at this 5000 acre nature park pointed out an easy and short trail, we were in! Her idea of “easy” and ours was a little different!!


Backpacks? We don’t need no stinking backpacks!


Texas version of an “easy” trail!

I’m not sure…….does this  qualify as yard art???

We visited the Texas Ranger Heritage center. This was one of those “Hey! What’s that?” kind of a stop! The bronze sculptures were amazing!

Some of the most friendly and interesting people are traveling the USA and Canada in travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. Our neighbor and now good friends Pat and Jim from S.Dakota have been traveling a number of years. Jim is a retired airline pilot and now flys a 45′ motor coach .2017-march-san-antonio-tx_02-27-17_8994_edited-1

IRV2, which is a social forum for all who wonder was the catalyst of this chance meeting in Texas hill country. Ironically, we all travel in the same make and model of motor coach! Sal and his lovely wife Susan (far left) hosted a get together at their  beautiful home after which we had a great dinner at PoPo’s, a local restaurant. From our left, Kirk & Vicki from Honolulu Hawaii, Bruce and Jo Ann from Oklahoma. Theres no doubt we’ll meet again!


Our time here is coming to a close and we will be moving on soon. Where? Well,  we’ll figure it out!