Time To Move South!

The mornings are crisp and frosty.  Snow is making its way down the mountains to the lower elevations.  The bitter sweet reality is that as much as we have enjoyed Northwest Wyoming and the National Parks, winter was closing in and it is time to move on.

Often times in our travels, the journey is as incredible as the destination. Making our way south to Utah through Wyoming was one of those drives when we would like to turn around and do it again! Vast prairie, snow caped mountains, and plenty of wild life along the way. This drive had it all!

The Big Horn River flows through Wind River Canyon. Click on the pic and if you look closely you’ll see the railroad tracks and tunnel that follow the river.

2017 Sept. Wind River Canyon, WY_09 18 17_3266_edited-1

Susan counted 179 (give or take) antelope along the way. Here they boldly munch away on a farmers crop just a few feet from the side of the road.

2017 September Alpine Loop Heber Utah_09 26 17_3642_edited-1

On top of the Red Canyon south pass, Wind River Mtn. Range

Getting our coach up over the 7,550 ft. pass was a bit of a chore but made it ( not fast!) never the less. The view from the top……..Pretty Awesome! The road at the bottom is actually the old stagecoach route through the valley.2017 September Alpine Loop Heber Utah_09 26 17_3641_edited-1

We’ve set our sights on the Heber Valley in northern Utah, south east of Salt Lake City.  Our coach will log 470 miles getting there and because the road is all two lane for the most part, this journey will take a day and a half.

Extending the seasons is a perk of our lifestyle. By that I mean we are literally chasing fall colors as we move south.  We’ve arrived in Heber City just in time.  The Mountains are ablaze with fall colors and snow caped peaks. What a show!

These pics were taken from one of several mountain roads that would take you deep in to the wilderness. Paved? Partially! Gravel? That too! Guard rails? Not!! We should have bought a Jeep!

2017 September Alpine Loop Heber Utah_09 28 17_3539

2017 September Alpine Loop Heber Utah_09 28 17_3548

2017 September Alpine Loop Heber Utah_09 28 17_3450_edited-1

2017 September Alpine Loop Heber Utah_09 28 17_3595_edited-1

Just about the time we figured it was time to make our way back to our coach we came across Cascade Springs, one of several  high volume springs in the area that flow to the valley.  So tranquil!


2017 September Alpine Loop Heber Utah_09 28 17_3559_edited-1

Did someone say “birds?”

This fellow was in his element at the springs. There had to be a bird or rabbit somewhere!