Sweet Home Alabama

Southern charm and hospitality were certainly the focus of our park hosts here in Theodore AL, a suburb of Mobile. We’ve stayed at quite a few parks in our travels, some better than others. All About Relaxing RV Park took their name seriously! It was a nice touch having the welcome sign and the escort waiting to bring us to our site. Perhaps our reputation had proceeded us? Nope! Everybody had a welcome sign!2017 April Mobile, Alabama_04 26 17_0360_edited-1

Mobile has quite a few gems that caught our attention. One of which has quite an embattled past. That being the mighty battleship the USS Alabama. Now decommissioned, the ship is a floating museum open for exploration bilge to bridge.

2017 April Mobile, Alabama_04 25 17_0379_edited-1

Massive 16″ guns !

Maneuvering the passage ways was sometimes quite difficult. Make no mistake this is no cruise ship. The crew of 1,760 worked, ate, and slept in cramped conditions that I can only imagine. Look at the engine compartment below and you’ll see what I mean.

2017 April Mobile, Alabama_04 25 17_0386_edited-1

Standing between two of the three engines where temps averaged well over 100.

2017 April Mobile, Alabama_04 25 17_0387_edited-1


She fought to preserve our freedom. It was an honor to be on her decks.

The ship was part of a military park that displayed a variety of military aircraft. Everything from WW ll planes to current day fighter jets.

2017 April Mobile, Alabama_04 25 17_0371

The aircraft exhibit building. The mural makes the flat wall look as if it’s a flag in the wind.

Just a short drive south is Douphin Island, the local favorite for beach goers. The stroll along the beach was a welcome change. The island is located at the entrance of Mobile Bay which is relatively shallow. The ocean that washes the shoreline unfortunately is very murky. Of course that didn’t make us any difference. We were going to walk the beach anyway!2017 April Mobile, Alabama_04 28 17_0343_edited-1

The local wildlife didn’t seem to mind either!

2017 April Mobile & Golf Shores_04 29 17_0478_edited-1

On the East side of the bay and close Pensacola FL is Golf Shores. There was no doubt we found the tourist mecca of the gulf. High-rise hotels and condominiums line the beaches along with an array of restaurants and fast food places. Salt air blue water and high surf. A great combination for an afternoon at the beach!2017 April Mobile & Golf Shores_04 29 17_0490_edited-1

The public pier was 300 yards long with a lot of people surf fishing. It also made for several photo opportunities that Susan wasn’t going to pass up!2017 April Mobile & Golf Shores_04 29 17_0510_edited-1

2017 April Mobile & Golf Shores_04 29 17_0515_edited-12017 April Mobile & Golf Shores_04 29 17_0519_edited-1

There are days we dearly miss our beautiful Lake Michigan. But as I stand here looking at the vast ocean, I am humbled,… and so very thankful for the opportunity  to experience both.2017 April Mobile & Golf Shores_04 29 17_0523_edited-1










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