Buffalo Gap Texas, Population 463


As we make our way east across Texas we land in the town of Abilene. This is not a tourist town by any stretch of the imagination! It’s quite a change from the mountains and mesas of Colorado and Utah and New Mexico!

Just south of Abilene is the small town of Buffalo Gap. The emphasis here is SMALL!  The area was settled in a natural pass through which bison herds traveled. There’s a post office, a school, a small neighborhood, one restaurant, a carry out/gas station….And a really cool historical village filled with old buildings dating back to the mid 1800s to the 1920s. Welcome to the Buffalo Gap Historical Village!


The town Court House and Jail


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Court is now in session!

This log cabin would have been home to eight to ten. Since everything was made of wood the cabin would have been infested with lice and other insects.

Going to the doctor..I think I’ll pass!!

The Blacksmith barn and adjacent building full of antiques.


Mid 1920s gas station next to the bank. Hey! The first drive through!


This little guy, about a month old, is the self appointed mascot of Buffalo Gap Historical Village. He’s guarding the cash register!

Abilene did have an awesome Welcome Center which included an interactive museum called “Frontier Texas.” The displays were a combination of artifacts and hologram actors who were replicating the lives and experiences of several cowboys and Indians in and around Abilene.

We enjoyed visiting both attractions but our stay here was, well let’s just say uneventful!

Our next stop is Arlington TX. We’re looking forward to flying back to Michigan to be with our family for the holidays! Proof positive that all who wander are not lost!

Merry Christmas to all!

One comment

  1. traveling-kind · January 8, 2017

    Cute little town.. We love visiting those little road gems and seeing the local attractions… And that jail sure does not look like a nice place to spend time in.


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