Visiting the High Desert

Waking up in Cortez CO., the temp outside is +14! Its time to move south and make our way toward Arlington Texas.Our first stop is Albuquerque New Mexico. Desert, mountains, big city, movie sets & Rt 66! It is all here!

As big cities go this one is no different in that the traffic is crazy, you can shop till you drop, and find just about any type of cuisine you desire. But if your favorite is Mexican……you’re definitely  in the right place.

Albuquerque sits at the foot of the Sandia Mts. The view from the top is pretty spectacular!


Albuquerque view from the Sandia Mountain Crest 10678 Ft

Albuquerque is also the place where Nuclear power became reality.2016-november-nuclear-science-museum_11-23-16_7513

As a child, I remember my father talking about building a fallout shelter because some fool parked a bunch of warheads 90 miles off the coast of Florida. I remember my grade school teachers giving us instructions on what to do in the event of an atom bomb. Looking back now and seeing pictures of the absolute and total destruction suffered by Japan in WWII, we were so naive! Thank God it never happened.

The Museum of Nuclear Science and History is representative of the good and bad of nuclear power.


B-29 Super fortress similar to the “Enola Gay”


A replica of the atom bomb “Fat Man”that destroyed Hiroshima

Thirty-five miles north is the small artist town of Madrid and the setting for the movie ” Wild Hogs”.  Maggie’s Diner was built here specifically for the movie and then turned over to the city and is now privately owned. If you want a sandwich you’re out of luck. There is no food. Just lots and lots of “Wild Hog” apparel and souvenirs! Of course I bought one!!


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