The Longhorns are Coming!


You can’t visit Texas and not try to find the infamous Texas longhorn cattle.  Though not as numerous as they once were finding them was not as hard as we thought. As a matter of fact, we were only 30 min away from “The Stockyards” which once was the heart of the Texas cattle trade.

“The Stockyard Yards” is located in the heart of Fort Worth. Its like stepping back in time with its old buildings, arena, museum and hundreds of corrals that once held an abundance of livestock. Today it’s no longer used as a stockyard. It’s been cleverly converted to an assortment of shops, saloons, restaurants, and museums.  Rodeos and live entertainment are also on the menu. You’re likely to see the local sheriff and his deputy strolling the streets looking for dirty rotten  scoundrels! 2016-december-random-shots_01-08-17_7835_edited-1

The Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum has quite the collection of  classic carriages of all types which have been carefully restored.

And then there are the Longhorns! Now I’m a city boy. My exposure to farm animals has been mostly limited to county fairs and the petting pen at the zoo!  Believe me when I tell you these suckers are BIG!! The span on the horns alone is five to six feet!

The Big guy!

Beef with Attitude!

Twice daily the herd is driven down the street. Now thats something you don’t see every day!


“Stand back!You may need to make a fast get away!” …..What did he say???

The cattle are moved along through the streets and then back to the corral. The cowboys surround the herd and keep them together. It’s quite a sight to see!






Mom and her youngster!

…So In the midst of the big city …a little slice of the old west and gone days of the cattle drive…..2016-december-random-shots_01-08-17_7926

and rotten Scoundrels!

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