Gates, Bars, (and other assorted stuff!)

We’ve been cooling our heels (literally!) in Texas since mid December. If you think it can’t get cold in Texas, well think again! A lot of nights have been way below freezing with days gray and overcast. The locals tell us it’s the worst winter in decades! Only recently has the pattern changed with warm temps.  At least there hasn’t been any of that white stuff to shovel. But I digress!

Traveling around Texas, and a lot of the Southwest for that matter, it seems that every piece of property has a fence around it and a gate across the driveway entrance. Now, we’re not talking your basic chain link fence with a simple gate! We’re talking… Ornate “can you top this” fences and gates!! It must be a lucrative business around these parts because every place seems to have one! Check these out!

2018 Feb. Hill country, TX_02 24 18_5474_edited-12018 January - Hill country TX_02 01 18_54522018 January - Hill country TX_02 01 18_5442_edited-1

….And just because the sign says “Ranch” doesn’t mean there are animals! As a matter of fact, most don’t. Turkeys? I don’t know, maybe!2018 March Spring in the Hill country_03 06 18_5627_edited-1

This one, though not really over the top gets the prize for the scenic driveway.

We have to give prompts to the local businesses and Bars for their taste in decor, landscaping, and entrepreneurial spirit . Let’s just say it’s,,,,,,weeeeelllllll,,,,,,,creative!txbar1

Bar stools made out of old boat seats….and bases from buckets, boots, cans,….you can’t make this stuff up!


And this is a Bed & Breakfast! Love the balcony!2018 Feb. Hill country, TX_02 24 18_5469_edited-1

And just in front of this….complete with mannequin! And you just have to love the giant chicken!!2018 Feb. Hill country, TX_02 24 18_5468_edited-1

We’ll spend another month here in Texas while the weather improves in the Midwest. Then back to Michigan to be with family and hug our grandkids. Truth told, we’re a little home sick.

We committed to this life style for a minimum of a couple years. Year 3 coming up and still going!

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