Viva Las Vegas!

What can I say about Las Vegas? Glitzy, flamboyant, amazing, crazy, glamorous, busy, and proof positive that money can do just about anything if enough is thrown at it!!

 Visiting here was a blast!  On top of the list was the chance for Susan and I to visit her cousin Judy and husband Les. It was such a pleasure to sit and enjoy lunch and catch up with family. 

To add to the enjoyment was an impromptu class reunion of Susan’s best high school class buddies.  Of course not one of them has changed in 40 years, (Right! Let’s go with that!) although it was amazing to hear the years dissolve away as they reminisced days long gone by.  Listening to their banter, I couldn’t help to think of a lyric line from the song “Another Aule Lang Syne” written by song artist Dan Fogelberg:  “Just for a moment we were back in school.”

Thanks Dale for being the the social director!2017 Nov. Las Vegas_11 08 17_5019

Like to people watch? Come to Las Vegas! Like to gamble? Come to Las Vegas! Like great entertainment? Come to Las Vegas! Like hotels that go on for blocks?Come  to Las Vegas! Like peace and quiet and no traffic? Well you obviously read the wrong brochure!!

Below is just a glimpse of some of the sights in this amazing city!

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So much fun!

It’s on to Kerrville Texas where we will spend the winter and take a break for 3 months before making our way back to Michigan for the Summer.

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