San Antonio, a city with a past

Davey Crocket / The Alamo

Davey Crocket / The Alamo

Remember the Alamo! Davey Crocket, Sam Houston, Santa Anna, Jim Bowie, all famous names associated with the 1836 battle of the Alamo located right in the heart of San Antonio. As a matter of fact, the city literally grew up and surrounded the Alamo to the point that it looks out of place next to the modern skyline.

The image of the Alamo that we all recognize is actually the chapel and is all that remains of the larger compound. It was actually located in the back. The walls that once existed are long gone and are now busy streets.

2017 March San Antonio TX_03 01 17_8952

The chapel front which we recognize as “The Alamo” Photos are not allowed inside.

2017 March San Antonio TX_03 01 17_8957_edited-1

This building was built in 1936 and now houses the gift shop

Before the Alamo became a recognized and restored historic site it was host to several venues including a general store and a car dealership!

San Antonio is a beautiful city with some very interesting architecture. A fair number of buildings date back to the 1800s with many toped with the Texas State Flag.

In the heart of the city is a place that is like no place we’ve seen in any large city. Appropriately named “The River Walk” it’s an oasis that is breath taking! The re-routed Guadalupe River flows through this area and is bordered by shops, restaurants and lush landscapes. Manicured flower gardens, Cypress trees, water falls and wild life for all who come here relax and enjoy. You can have your lunch or dinner along the water way or just stop for some Ice cream and let the day float by! It’s so easy forget you’re in the big city!

2017 March San Antonio River Walk_03 21 17_9399_edited-1

2017 March San Antonio River Walk_03 21 17_9444

Generally we don’t care for the hustle bustle of the big city and their traffic . Texas has three of the nations largest. But I have to say, after visiting San Antonio’s River Walk it was well worth the effort. 2017 March San Antonio River Walk_03 21 17_9351

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  1. Betsy Mangan · April 27, 2017

    What a beautiful riverwalk! If you get to Indianapolis or Jacksonville they have nice ones too. Steve was just in San Antonio for a conference in January. He really enjoyed the riverwalk in the evening after being cooped up all day inside. I think he went to the Alamo as well. He didn’t bring home any beautiful photos like Susan’s 😉 I love the heron – so cool!
    You are getting very clever with your pop-ups on the photos!


    PS – Tell Susan to start following me on Instagram so you can see some of my photos from our trip to Ireland with Andrew & Dierdre!


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