Spring in Castroville

Situated 20 miles west of San Antonio Texas sits the small town of Castroville. So whats in this little town? Well, not much with the exception of a nice RV Park, a new Walmart, a few restaurants and stores. But there was one thing that was hard to ignore and a clue that  spring was well underway.  Poppies! Lot and lots of poppies!2017 March Castroville Poppies_03 17 17_9266

And Blue Bonnets!

2017 March Castroville Bluebells_03 19 17_9329

A local resident who was a Viet Nam veteran, dedicated his property to poppies (the worldwide symbol for those who served) with the sole purpose of raising money for The Wounded Warrior Project and disabled veterans.  This place is a photographers delight or just a place to walk among the flowers to appreciate the beauty. All that is asked is a donation for the cause.2017 March Castroville Poppies_03 17 17_9300_edited-1

2017 March Castroville & cows_03 30 17_9572

2017 March Castroville & cows_03 30 17_9562

The American flag flew in WWI

2017 March Castroville & cows_03 30 17_9552

Now I know you’ve heard that everything is BIG in Texas! Well how about a moth? Not just any moth but a Humming Bird Hawk Moth! This guy is three inches long!2017 March Castroville & cows_03 30 17_9596

The other thing that’s big is the weather. We were front row and center for several severe thunder storms which spawn tornados and golfball size hail. This one had us huddled in the parks storm shelter hoping the tornado would miss us which it did by just a few short miles!

And just like that it clears and we can get back to the tasks at hand. Relaxing!2017 March Alstation resort_03 25 17_9530_edited-1

We were so pleased that our good friends Sal & Susan Holt joined us for a weekend with their 2016 DutchStar. 2017, April Country side shots TX_04 01 17_9711_edited-1

There are a lot of things that have taken us by surprise in Texas but….okay c’mon really, Cows in the woods?? Next to the RV Park??2017 March Castroville & cows_03 30 17_9642_edited-1

All in all, Castroville was an okay place. It was nice to see green again and Susan had a lot of great photo opportunities.




  1. Betsy Mangan · April 24, 2017

    Oh my gosh – BEAUTIFUL!!!! Susan, you must have been in heaven taking photos of those amazing poppies – your pics are fabulous! I just realized I can comment on your posts (I know, duh) so want you to know how much we are enjoying reading about and seeing the photos of your travels. You two always did make a good team and your posts are proof.

    Love yous xxxxoooo

    PS – Are those bicycles on the back of your coach!!??


    • Rich & Susan · April 25, 2017

      Hi Betsy! So glad you figured out how to comment!! Yes they are bikes. Don’t ask how often they’re not back there! The problem is so many of the places we have stayed just arn’t conducive to bike riding. Susan WAS in photo heaven in the middle of all those poppys. All she needed was the ruby shoes!


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