What a difference a 100 miles makes!

The Courthouse

The Courthouse

Traveling from Colorado to Utah, the lush green of the mountains ranges is gone and the rock and sage brush of the desert is now in our window. Our destination is Moab Utah. Off in the distance, red rock plateaus, huge rock spires and deep canyons dominate the landscape. Entering town, we cross the Colorado River and pass Arches National Park.enter-custom-name-here2016-october-colorado-river_10-14-16_6315

It seems that every other vehicle  here is set up for off roading. Jeeps, trucks, quad runners, side by sides, and dirt bikes are everywhere! Our Ford Focus is a little out of place! Mountain bikes are popular as well. You want outdoor adventure? Moab is the place!

Arches National Park is one of the most visited parks in the country and the day we were there was no exception. Cars were backed up from the entrance 3/4 of a mile! Once past the gates we could see why. This place is beautiful! Erosion from millions or years of wind, sand and water has sculpted the sand stone in unique ways, some even defying gravity.

Mother nature even has a sense of humor by carving some of the towering formations in the shape of animals and native indians!

Driving through the park we see just how it got its name.

Turret Arch

Turret Arch



Can you see the 2 rock climbers?

look close! Do you see the climbers?

Our highlight of the day was hiking to Sand Dune Arch. The trail started like this….Trail into the Sand Dune Arch

And then went to this….The one person at a time passage to the Dune Arch

And finally to this!Sand Dune Arch

These folks thought it was a good place to test out their art skills. I looked……Nope! No numbers! 2016-oct-arches-nat-park_10-12-16_6268

We had the bad fortune of experiencing part of the reason this land looks the way it does. On our last night here, the night was clear, the moon was full, stars in the sky…….45-70 mph winds!! Needless to say we didn’t sleep well!!

Colorado River

The Colorado River carving its way

Moab has bike trails everywhere. This trail started by crossing the river. How do you make a bridge look different than any other?Foot bridge over the Colorado River

You add art!

Driving along the river, the road has little to no shoulder. Wandering off the road here will surely mess up a paint job!!River walk/bike path


  1. Alisha · October 21, 2016

    Love this post! Got my subscription all set up and it works perfectly.😊


  2. Jennifer · October 22, 2016

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love your eye, you have a great way of showing us the beauty you both saw. Thank you!


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