A bridge too far!……



…..when it’s 1,053 ft above the canyon floor, the wind is blowing at 45mph, and we are about to walk across it!!  Wait! Is it moving up and down in the middle? Why yes it is! The bridge is Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City Colorado. A walk across it will, undoubtedly, put you stomach several notches higher, put a quiver in your voice, and a weakness in the knees!!

(Click smaller pics for a larger image)

In 2013, a wild fire swept through the canyon and burned all the buildings at the park and destroyed 13000 acres. The only survivor was the bridge sustaining only minor damage. Everything else was toast!

If you travel Colorado, this is a must! If you are really adventurous, there is a zip line that crosses the gorge and yes you are dangling over 1000 ft. Unfortunately on the day we were there the line was closed due to high wind. Would I have rode the zip line?? You Bet!!! It’s added to the bucket list!

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