Rocky Mountain High

Breckenridge Colorado. Elevation 9600 ft. What a view! It’s known for ski resorts and gold rush history. If you are into skiing, hiking, biking, this is the place! We were here in mid and late September and the Aspen trees were in full color. Mother Nature at her finest!2016-september-breckenridge-co_09-25-16_5148


Hiking for us “flatlanders” is not without its challenges. Especially since we were novices and not used to the altitude!(pant! pant!) Finding the trail head was not an easy task either. Did the directions say “look for the teepee?” Nope!2016-sept-hiking-in-breckenridge-co_09-26-16_5237

Our trail brought us to this abandoned gold mining dredge which last operated in 1922. These things were earth eating machines digging their way through the valley in search of gold. The piles of rocks (or tailings) you see behind are what was discarded after the gold had been separated.


“click” for larger view


It’s easy to see why so many love the mountains!

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