Making the Transition


We’ve spent the last seven months in Arizona which is way longer than we planned.  There’s no need to expound on an explanation as the dreaded virus is in the news every waking minute. Our RV park in the little town of Benson was the safest place for us to stay so stay we did.

Our coach was scheduled for a service appointment and securing that appointment requires it to be made at least six months in advance so re-scheduling is not an option. Normally we will take as much as six weeks to make the trek to Michigan site seeing along the way.  This time we’ll do the twenty-one hundred mile trip it in a week. For us, a pace we’re not used to!

An advantage of staying in the desert SW in spring is watching the desert come alive with a rainbow of colors. Most cactus bloom mid to late spring. The downside is it’s really Hot!  “Oh, it’s a dry heat” some will say.

As we prepared to leave, the forecast high for mid-week is 104! Dry or not, that’s HOT!!

Sajuaro National Park_0804

Making our way back brings us through those states that are known for some pretty nasty weather and of course we were in store for some of what they’re famous for. Rain, rain, and more rain combined with severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and just for fun, fog!

The one clear dry day gave us a chance to enjoy a few moments in an Oklahoma rest area. Although these guys seemed content to graze, getting a little attention from us was okay as well!Oklahoma rest area horse and Mule_0857

So we’re back in Indiana and the Newmar Service Center and the transition is complete. We’ve gone from this……..Sajuaro National Park_0835

To this….

One comment

  1. Dale Jones · May 30, 2020

    As always great commentary and memorable photo’s! Safe trip back to the MidWest.

    Liked by 1 person

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