There are times when writing about our travels is so easy. When I recall the experience through Susan’s photography the words just seem to flow. In fact most often I have an idea of how I’ll write about what we’ve seen long before my fingers hit the keys! This is not one of those times.

So why was this place so different? Monument Valley Utah is one of those places that words can’t describe. Yes, it’s beautiful! Yes, it’s Awesome! But those descriptive adjectives don’t do it justice.

You’ve seen pictures of Monument Valley. It’s on calendars, postcards, travel brochures etc. It’s been the setting for several movies. Remember the running scene in “Forest Gump”? Not until you are standing in the valley with these giant monoliths can you appreciate the majesty of this place.

The Valley is technically located on the line between Utah and Arizona. However, it is on the Navaho reservation and they refer to it as the Navaho Nation. Should you ask which state you are in the response will be “Navaho Nation.”

Since it is on the reservation, and a major tourist attraction, the tribe has capitalized on it by offering guided tours, a lodge/hotel and of course, a casino! Entering the valley by car involves a fee and a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

There are a few Navaho families that call the valley home. They live modestly and make their living offering beautiful hand made jewelry and crafts.

A lone rider overlooks the valley

Our guide took us to places off limits to others who choose to just drive the approximate twenty mile loop road. We were treated to a wealth of local history, smells of the vegetation that excited the senses, and geological formations too huge to describe!

Our guide asked us to join him in a tribal dance while he sang a traditional Navaho song. A very spiritual experience!

Apparently this lady can’t dance!

The RV park was only a few miles from Monument Valley and was beautiful in its own right. Hiking here is a bit challenging (5800 ft. in elevation) for those of us who aren’t as young as we think we are!

The view from our coach window

Monument Valley has been on our bucket list since day one. And now we can add this to the many beautiful places we have seen and had the good fortune to have truly experienced.

Thats all for now. Thanks for coming along!


  1. Sal Holt · October 31, 2019

    Beautiful photos by Ms. Susan!!! Nice write up Rich. guess we will have to ake that journey.


  2. Jennifer Sylstra · October 31, 2019

    Absolutely gorgeous and adding it to my bucket list for retirement!



  3. Jane Waun · November 1, 2019

    Now I KNOW I have to get there. I admire the adventures you two are having! Hope you can join us I Nashville.


  4. EvieandJohn · November 20, 2019

    I don’t think I’ll EVER get tired of looking at your stunning photos Susan.


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