Westward Ho!Again!

It seems that the older we get the faster time goes by. So true was this past summer. When we started this adventure, we agreed that we would travel for 2 years and then decide if we would continue. It seems like yesterday we began traveling and year three is underway. So I guess we continue!

We ended up staying in Michigan longer than expected. Dr’s appointments and a unexpected trip to the hospital petty much put the brakes on an earlier departure. We thought about going east and then south but a hurricane changed that plan in a hurry.

Having missed going to the Grand Canyon twice because of weather, we set that as our destination goal. Leaving Michigan mid month meant we would have push it in order to beat winter weather.

We stopped for the night at Grissom Air Force Base Museum. What a great place to spend the night. Classic war planes, trainers, simulators and a front row seat to air tankers shooting landings. It was a blast!2018, Sept. Grissom Air Museum_09 20 18_7551_edited-1


Our Best Maverick & Goose impression!

These one night stops are part of the Harvest Hosts network of museums, vineyards, farms etc. that allow RV travelers to stay overnight.

Our next stop was Hodgson Mill in Effingham Ill. Another great stop where we stocked up on some of their excellent baking products.2018 September Amarillo, Tx_09 21 18_7647_edited-1

Moving right along we thought it would be fun to stay at an alpaca farm just a few miles in Oklahoma. The owners said we may have trouble getting through their gate due to our height. It turns out the gate was the least of our problems!


Better known as an”Awwe S&*% Moment!

The incline of the entry combined with the crown of the gravel road were too much for the coach to make. Our cars’ tow bar and hitch dug deeply into the hard gravel road and both drive wheels of the coach were off the ground! 45 thousand pounds of motorhome are now stuck…. out in the country…..on a one lane gravel road! It doesn’t get any worse! 4 hours and a whole lot of lumber later I was able to finally back it up. Fortunately there was no damage to the coach. Needless to say we never saw any alpacas!

Time to move on!

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